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We are an Australian charity dedicated to increasing

the survival rate of sudden cardiac arrest across the country.


Our vision is to lead change through education, training, and access to Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) within one minute at all locations.


Our mission is to empower every Australian to understand that

any attempt at resuscitation is better than none.

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Calling on all Medical Professionals 

Do you have an AED in your practice ? 

Is it registered with Heart of the Nation ?

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Calling all Dentists

Heart of the Nation CEO, Greg Page made a recent trip to Australia Zoo to find out more about the AEDs they have on site and acknowledge them as a member of the Heart of the Nation Network. Guess who he bumped into for a guided tour of the Zoo and their AEDs!

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Australia Zoo
Michal Hughes Foundaion
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Melrose Park Community Golf Day
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In a glorious celebration of its sixth consecutive year, the Melrose Park Community Cup Golf Day and Dinner Fundraiser triumphed with remarkable success. This year the much-anticipated event surpassed the extraordinary milestone of raising nearly half a million dollars in total, supporting six key community groups that service the Melrose Park area.

Melrose Park Public School, St. Michael's Primary School, West Ryde Rovers, Ermington United, Parramatta Women's Shelter, and Heart of the Nation were the fortunate beneficiaries of the annual fundraiser. Each year the funds are split between the groups and help fuel their ongoing efforts and initiatives.

The day commenced with 130 golfers joining in on round of Ambrose style golf, followed by a lively fundraising dinner of over 250 people in the evening. Greg Page, the Original Yellow Wiggle, took to the stage as the charismatic MC and shared his personal story with Cardiac Arrest, his work with Heart of the Nation and even sang the famous ‘Hot Potato’. Each year Patron of the Golf Day and a Melrose Park local, Louise Sauvage OAM, attends and shared her story as a Paralympian and her experiences now as a coach. The renowned comedian, Andrew Barnett also entertained attendees with his hilarious stand-up comedy act. 

Beyond its fundraising goals, the Melrose Park Community Cup Golf Day and Dinner Fundraiser has fostered invaluable connections and friendships. It has brought together the six community groups and has encouraged collaboration among each of representatives who may not have connected otherwise.

Today, the much-anticipated event and its success is a testament to the spirit of generosity and community that exists in Melrose Park. Be on the look out for next year’s tickets to join in on this fantastic day of fundraising, friendship, and fun.

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