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Greg Page

"My life was saved because of bystanders who knew how to do CPR and the fact that there was an AED nearby when I went into cardiac arrest - and people knew where it was.  Having an AED within 3 minutes of someone can increase survival rates by 200-300%! By displaying a Heart of the Nation sticker, people will know where to find an AED when it is needed. Let the community know that you've got what it takes to try to save a life!"

Heart of the Nation

Brett Lee, 

Heart of the Nation Ambassador

Greg Page

Heart of the Nation Founder


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Early defibrillation is critical for survival from SCA for several reasons. Firstly, the most frequent initial rhythm in witnessed SCA is VF. Secondly, the treatment for VF is electrical defibrillation. Thirdly, the probability of successful defibrillation diminishes rapidly over time. Finally, VF tends to deteriorate to asystole within a few minutes. Therefore, defibrillation as soon as possible is the standard care for VF.