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HeartStart FRX



CPR Guidance/Feedback:

CPR Guidance

Child Mode/Pads:


Pad Life:

4 years



Battery Life:

4 years

IP Rating:







The Philips HeartStart FRx AED is a versatile and user-friendly device designed to provide life-saving defibrillation in moments of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

The HeartStart FRx is engineered for swift and effective response in critical situations. Equipped with clear voice instructions and CPR guidance, it assists rescuers through each step of the defibrillation process, ensuring timely intervention even in high-pressure scenarios.

The HeartStart FRx AED demystifies the emergency response process with its intuitive operation. From the moment of activation, it offers clear, step-by-step voice instructions complemented by visual cues, guiding the user through the defibrillation process.

Its robust design ensures it can withstand challenging environments, making it suitable for a wide range of settings, from schools and offices to outdoor and industrial locations.

Equipped with the patented Quick Shock feature, the FRx is engineered to deliver a life-saving shock swiftly following CPR, a crucial factor in increasing the survival  rates.

Furthermore, its adaptability is showcased with the pre-connected SMART Pads II, suitable for both adults and children, and the inclusion of an Infant/Child Key, which adjusts the defibrillator's instructions and therapy for younger patients.

Maintenance is streamlined through automatic self-tests, ensuring the device is always ready for use. With Philips HeartStart FRx AED, you're equipped not just with a device, but with a comprehensive solution designed to support you in saving lives, step by step, side by side.

This AED comes with:

  • Our free Learn Prepare Respond online education with a certificate of completion from Allens Training.

  • Maintenance reminder system with maintenance logging platform for easy, simple logging of your inspections.

  • AED Prep Kit and delivery to your nominated street address.

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