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HeartStart HS1



CPR Guidance/Feedback:

CPR Guidance

Child Mode/Pads:


Pad Life:

4 years



Battery Life:

4 years

IP Rating:







Introducing the Philips HeartStart HS1 AED, a life-saving device designed to empower anyone, regardless of training, to act confidently in the face of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

The HS1 is your companion in these critical moments, offering step-by-step voice guidance and real-time CPR coaching to navigate the emergency with calm and clarity. Its intuitive design includes features like the Quick Shock capability, which enables the device to deliver a shock within seconds after CPR, maximizing the chance for survival. 

This AED is ready when you are, with a Ready-Pack configuration that comes virtually ready to use straight out of the box. It's adaptable for use on both adults and children, automatically adjusting instructions and shock delivery based on the installed SMART Pads Cartridge.

Furthermore, the HS1 conducts automatic self-tests to ensure it's always in working order, giving you peace of mind that it's ready to go when needed.

Compact, lightweight, and designed for the ordinary person in the extraordinary moment, the HeartStart HS1 AED makes it possible for anyone to provide life-saving defibrillation.

Whether it's in an office, a public space, or at home, the HS1 is an indispensable tool in the effort to save lives in the event of SCA, making it a crucial addition to any safety plan.

The Philips HeartStart HS1 is an innovative semi-automatic external defibrillator designed to empower individuals with minimal training to respond confidently to sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) situations.

This AED is lightweight and portable and is recommended for indoor storage and use.

The HeartStart HS1 is engineered for simplicity, with intuitive voice instructions guiding the responder through the process of checking for signs of SCA, applying the defibrillation pads, and delivering a potentially life-saving shock if advised.

This AED comes with:

  • Our free Learn Prepare Respond online education with a certificate of completion from Allens Training.

  • Maintenance reminder system with maintenance logging platform for easy, simple logging of your inspections.

  • AED Prep Kit and delivery to your nominated street address.

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