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LifePak CR2



CPR Guidance/Feedback:

CPR Guidance

Child Mode/Pads:


Pad Life:

4 years


Semi-Automatic, Automatic

Battery Life:

4 years

IP Rating:







With the LIFEPAK CR2 Essential AED, even minimally trained users can quickly begin lifesaving care in just 2 steps making it the fastest time to shock. The LIFEPAK CR2 Essential AED uses simple graphics, audible instructions, and automated features to help users remain focused. CPR coaching gives users the confidence to perform CPR correctly.

The LIFEPAK CR2 Essential AED uses a metronome to set an effective pace; users are audibly guided through the resuscitation process.

No-button Operation - the Lifepak CR2 will turn on immediately after opening the lid. After analysing the heart rhythm there are two options for this AED - Automatic and Semi Automatic shock delivery.

User-friendly - the Lifepak CR2 Essential features easy-to-understand visual and voice prompts that guide a user through the process including CPR coaching. Quik-Step interchangeable electrodes allow swift and easy operation by the user, as there is no foil backing to remove from the pads.

This AED comes with:

  • Our free Learn Prepare Respond online education with a certificate of completion from Allens Training.

  • Maintenance reminder system with maintenance logging platform for easy, simple logging of your inspections.

  • AED Prep Kit and delivery to your nominated street address.

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