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Register the AED Below:

As part of the process of registering this AED, you will be required to agree to the following:

1. Provide us with you email address and/or phone number so we can contact you to verify the information provided;

2. Provide us with accurate information to the best of your knowledge and ability about the AED you are registering;

3. Ensure that you have checked the Heart of the Nation app to verify that the AED you are registering is not already registered and showing on the app.

What You Will Need to Register:

To fill in this application fully, you will need:

  • Photo of the AED in the location where it is usually kept.

  • Latitude and longitude data (GPS coordinates) of the location of the AED - you can either enter these manually, or using your current position if you are standing next to the AED - please ensure that you have location services turned on in your phone's settings for your internet browser. Manually, to get the GPS coordinates, stand next to the AED and get these from Google Maps or What3Words by clicking on the "set my location" icon - usually an arrow.

  • Opening hours, or hours of availability of the AED (if you have them)

Section 1 - Your Details

Section 2 - Address of AED

a) Address of location of AED - you will have to enter this later also

Section 3 - AED Availability

d) Our AED/s is/are available:

Section 4 - AED Hours of Availability

If you know the availability hours of the AED you are registering, or the times that the location of the AED is open, please enter those below to assist us in providing accurate information regarding accessibility. NOTE - please enter "00:00" for both opening and closing times for days that the AED is unavailable or the location is not open - if you are unable to provide this detail, please scroll below to continue.

Section 5 - AED Location Information

This will be the name of the location of the AED that will be displayed on mapping of the AED so that people can find it easily.  It should correlate to the name of the business or organisation that is displayed, or other another known name of that location, eg. Smalltown Airport

b) Address of where AED is located - this should be the address that someone would drive to if they were to access the AED*

Next, we'd love you to enter the GPS coordinates of the AED to help provide pin-point accuracy for those who need to find it.  This is not the GPS co-ordinates of the "address" of the AED, but the GPS co-ordinates of where it is actually located.  Please go to your settings in your phone or your internet browser on your laptop or desktop, and ensure that location services are allowed for your internet browser you are using to complete this form, then re-open this window.  When you press the "Auto-fill Location" button below, you will be asked to grant permission, or deny permission.  If you grant permission, your location will be auto-filled, so please ensure you are standing next to the AED when pressing this button and granting permission.  Otherwise, enter the co-ordinates manually, or skip this part.

Permission not granted

Section 5

Section 6 - Additional Information

Section 7 - Consent and Permissions

Please confirm your consent to the following:

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