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Be the missing link.

Find your closest accessible AEDs and help save lives during cardiac arrest.


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App Features

  • Easy to Use - so anyone can locate AEDs and help save a life. 

  • National Database - So you have up-to-date access on the AEDs around you when you need it.

  • Rapid Response - So you can act swiftly to access the nearest AED that may be available and provide crucial assistance until medical professionals arrive. 


What is the Heart of the Nation App?

Imagine you're out with a few mates having a good night at the pub. When suddenly without any warning, one of them collapses.  


You spring into action. You call 000.

You realise your mate is not conscious, and the 000 call-taker is asking you if there's an AED nearby.

Where is your closest AED?

Finding your closest AED during a potential cardiac arrest is a race against time.  But in the chaos of the moment it’s hard to navigate with panic setting in. The lack of standard signage and the absence of AEDs in public spaces only make the situation harder.  

This is how our technology helps you be prepared.

With the Heart of the Nation App, we're trying to make situations like this one a thing of the past. This lifesaving tool ensures you know exactly where the nearest AED could be, strengthening emergency response to cardiac arrest by building a connected community that doesn't rely on luck.


Be prepared to be the crucial link in the Chain of Survival and potentially save someone’s life by calling 000, administering CPR and using an AED.

You can never predict the emergency situation you might find yourself in, but with our app, you can be prepared to help save a life with the support of our technology.


How the app works

Within the app you can quickly dial 000 at the tap of a button, see in real time the 10 nearest registered AEDs within 5 kilometres of your location. 

Take it a step further

If you choose to register as a Responder, you can alert 000 of your emergency and notify other Registered Responders around you, so you can stay and do CPR while someone brings an AED to you, potentially before an ambulance arrives. 

What are the App Features?
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We’re here to help keep heartbeats going. 

We’re on a mission to empower every Australian to know they can help save someone’s life during cardiac arrest – and that starts by ensuring people have the tools and support ready when they need it most. That's why we’re investing in life saving technology, and ensure our app remains free 

Register you AED

Sudden Cardiac Arrest is more common than you think. 

More than 26,000 Australians who suffer a sudden cardiac arrest every year. Tragically, only 5% survive.  

Research shows that swift action saves lives. Cardiac arrests where 000 is called, CPR is administered, and an AED is used within the first 5 minutes can dramatically increase the survival rate to around 60-70%

Whether you're in need of assistance or willing to lend a helping hand, our app ensures you're connected to an AED and the community when it matters most. 

Together, we can make saving lives as simple as a single download.   

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