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Tracking Device for AED Location and Security

Knowing where your AED is at all times is crucial to providing a rapid response to a cardiac arrest event.  When the ability to locate the AED is also tied into the Heart of the Nation app, as is the case with the tracking device we provide you with, it means that people nearby you know that the AED is on its way to the cardiac arrest, and others can go straight to the emergency and provide CPR support.
  • Small design means it is easy to attach to most AEDs without affecting their operation*
  • Connects over GPS and cellular network to provide greatest coverage outdoors
  • Integrates with the Heart of the Nation app, meaning that the AED is visible to other Responders who may need to access it to save your life!
  • Long battery life - 3 x AAA batteries last up to 4 years
  • Can send text messages and/or email to list of nominated contacts
  • Will detect movement and sync with the Heart of the Nation app
  • Allows app users to see location of AED and monitor it.
*If fitting this as an after-market option to a non-Heart of the Nation-supplied AED, please check that the intended method and location of installing the tracking device to the AED will not interfere with the operational features of the AED.
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