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It costs nothing to join! Membership is free, and we provide you with stickers to show the nation you are committed to preventing sudden cardiac death.

If you are a community group, club, business, workplace, shop, school or any type of organisation that has an AED on-site that could be used by any member of the community, then let’s promote it!


In the event of someone experiencing a sudden cardiac arrest, then we want to let the nation know that you have a defibrillator on site to be used, if it is ever needed. Apply for free membership today, and we will send you your A5-sized "Heart of the Nation AED Inside" stickers.  We will also include your location on the Heart of the Nation smartphone app!


All you need to do is place the stickers on the front door or window of your business so the community knows where to find an AED when needed, and keep your AED maintained - we'll help you with that!

choose your signage!

We now have 2 types of signage available - the Heart of the Nation standard, A5-sized "Heart of the Nation AED INSIDE" sign, as well as an A4-sized "AED" sign  this is more like the traditional AED signs, and is not branded with the Heart of the Nation logo.  We encourage everyone to place their Heart of the Nation A5-sized stickers on the outside of their business, and also, bolster the identity of the location of your AEDs with an A4 sized sticker too!

A5 Sticker Art_red AED font.jpg

A5-sized sticker

297 X 210mm sign_smll heart copy.png

A4-sized sticker



This form may be used to register an AED that you own or are responsible for, or to register a "crowd sourced" AED - that is, an AED that a member of the public spots out in the community.

If you are registering an AED that you own or are responsible for, you will be granted "member" status for the Heart of the Nation network, and as such, we ask you to adhere to the following guidelines:

As part of the process of applying to become a member, you will be required to provide proof of, or agree to the following criteria:

1. Ownership of the business/group/entity that you represent, or authority to act on its behalf, or for an individual application, proof that you reside at the address provided;

2. Acknowledge that you provide consent for Heart of the Nation to use your business name, details provided and logo as part of the Heart of the Nation network;


3. Commit to displaying the Heart of the Nation sticker that you will be provided with at all locations with AED's.

4. During your normal business or operating hours, or the hours that your AED is accessible, allow your AED to be used in the event of a member of the public requiring access to life saving defibrillation.

5. Provide consent for us to pass your information on to Ambulance Services in your State or Territory to form part of a register to allow Triple Zero call takers to guide bystander-responders to the nearest AED.

Please tick one of the following boxes to give your consent to the following:
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