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It costs nothing to register your AED on the Heart of the Nation Network.
There are a few ways to register an AED with Heart of the Nation.  See below for more information.

Registering an AED you own or are responsible for is free, and we provide you with stickers to show the nation you are committed to preventing sudden cardiac death.

Registering an AED that you see out in public (we call this crowd sourcing) helps us build a stronger network of AEDs across the country.

If you are registering an AED purchased from us that is fitted with tracking technology, do not use this registration page, use this page instead.

If you experience any problems with this process, or need to register more than 1 AED at a time, please email us here, and we will assist you.

select your type of registration below

Register an AED owned by your business or community group

Register an AED owned personally, by you

Register a "crowd sourced" AED - one that you do not own, or are not responsible for. Use this also, if you are registering an AED for the Great Aussie AED Hunt (if you are not the owner of the AED).

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