We are on a mission to help raise the survival rate from Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Quite frankly, 10% survival rate is


We can help build a much more resilient community.

Very simply, our mission is three things:
  • To recognise those businesses publicly that show they take the prevention of sudden cardiac death seriously, by having an AED on site, ready to be used if/when it is needed.

  • To create a greater awareness of where people in the community can find an AED if/when they need one.

  • To get more people in the community familiar with CPR and how to use an AED.

Our vision is not a dream, but can be a reality with the community's help:
  • To see a Heart of the Nation sticker within 1 minute of where every Australian lives, works, plays and relaxes - because a Heart of the Nation sticker means an AED is there - within 1 minute of every Australian.

  • To have children learning CPR in schools so that they can be a part of the Chain of Survival in emergency cardiac arrest situations, and remember the skill with "muscle memory-like" recall for years to come.

  • For CPR to be a mandatory part of passing your driver's test.

  • To have a survival rate from Sudden Cardiac Arrest of around 30% by 2027.  Increasing the number of AED's in the community and the awareness of where they are located, as well as the number of people who are not afraid to have a go at CPR, will have a significant impact on the survival rate, much like it has in Seattle where they now can boast an almost 30% survival rate.