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Proposed locations for AEDs supported by Mounties ClubBGRANTS

Please see below a map that shows the proposed locations of 50 AEDs - 20 in the Mount Pritchard/Western area of Sydney, 15 in the Northern Beaches area of Sydney, and 15 on the Central Coast.

These AEDs have been placed with the following considerations and in this order of priority:

  1. Locations in proximity to clubs owned/operated by Mounties;

  2. Located at bus stops that provide rapid access to the greatest number of residents whilst at home;

  3. Located at bus stops with high visibility or accessibility to main roads;

  4. Spacing between the locations of AEDs sufficient to provide access within 3 minutes (return trip) for someone travelling to the AED via a vehicle.

  5. Spacing between the locations of AEDs sufficient to allow for future installation of additional AEDs such that coverage can be within 3 minutes of someone on foot (return trip);

  6. Spacing to allow for installation of additional AEDs funded by the community via the Heart of the Nation Communities program, or other ClubGRANTS obtained by Heart of the Nation.

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