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Our tracking devices can be retro-fitted to your AED provided that your method of securing the device to the AED does not interfere with the operational features of the AED.

Fitting the tracking device to the AED will provide you with added peace of mind for security of your investment.



  • Tracking device will send a text message and/or email to nominated contacts when it is moved.
  • Can be integrated into our Heart of the Nation app, so you can see where your AED is, and if it is moving to an event that requires responders to take the AED to it.
  • 3 x AAA batteries last approximately 12 - 18 months.
  • GPS and cellular connectivity
  • Comes with SIM card pre-installed with 8 years of connectivity pre-paid.
  • Measures approximately 6cm x 3cm x 2cm


Pricing Includes GST and delivery within Australia  (AED purchased separately)

Tracking Technology

  • If you are purchasing your AED from us we can install this for you.

    If you wish to add this to your pre-purchased AED, we will provide installation and fitting instructions 

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