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Sudden Cardiac Arrest affects more than 25,000 Australians every year, and only 5% survive.
Up to 80% of these cases of cardiac arrests occur AT home.
But these devastating statistics CAN be changed, and we are working to ensure that more people have the ability to change it.

Using an AED (combined with calling 000 and starting CPR) within the first 3-5 minutes of collapse, can result in survival rates as high as 60-70% - so, time matters when it comes to accessing and using an AED!


But when you're at home, how far away is your nearest AED, and who is going to get it to you?

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Ray White Fairweather Group, and Heart of the Nation will be placing an AED at or near, homes sold by Ray White Fairweather Group* in 2024.

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*T's and C's apply

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You can be connected to an AED as well as your neighbours, thanks to the Heart of the Nation app and the AED placed by Ray White Fairweather Group.

AEDs are simple and safe to use by anyone.  There is no specific training or certification required - just turn it on and it talks to you, telling you exactly what to do.

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Contact Brian Fairweather at the
Ray White Fairweather Group to buy, or list your home as a
Heart of the Nation AED House.
0402 938  870

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