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Welcome to the month, where October becomes "Shocktober"

where World Restart a Heart Day falls, on October 16th.


This month, we're turning the spotlight on life-saving actions and the incredible work we do with the greater community, here

at Heart of the Nation.


Join us in spreading awareness, raising donations,

and becoming a responder in your own right!

Keep scrolling to see our Shocktober events. 

Why is October "Shocktober"

Why October is Shock-tober

October in Australia is not just about spring blossoms and fresh beginnings in nature ; it's about fresh beginnings in life, through adopting a life-saving perspective. Shocktober encourages individuals to understand that everyone can become a responder in the case of a sudden cardiac arrest, and you don't need formal training to take immediate action.

The Worlds Largest CPR Class

Thank you for joining us online 

Worlds Largest CPR Class

Hold your own Pushathon Event 

You can start making a difference right now by organizing your very own Pushathon.


Pick a date during the month of October that works best for you, and your community. Gather your friends, family, or coworkers and practice CPR together.

Use this as an opportunity to brush up on your CPR skills or learn them for the first time. The more practice, the better prepared we all are when PUSH comes to SHOCK!

You can make an even bigger impact by getting sponsored for your Pushathon.


Make  sure to share your journey on social media using the hashtag



By doing so, you'll not only raise awareness about the event but also encourage friends, family, and colleagues to support your cause.


To make your participation in The World's Largest CPR Class and your Pushathon a success, we've prepared a set of valuable resources for you:

Check out our fantastic kit, packed with everything you need to supercharge your Pushathon and create a lasting impression:

  • We have created easy-to-use CPR templates for participants of all levels. 

  • Eye-catching social media post templates for your sponsorship requests

  • Engaging social media tiles ready to be shared

  • A vibrant digital flyer that'll grab everyone's attention.

  • Make sure to download our CPR Jams Playlist on Spotify

Harness the power of these tools to rally support for your

Pushathon and make a meaningful difference!


Let's push for saving more lives.


Join us this October in a global effort to

make the world a safer place.

Host your own pushathon
Pushathon prizes

Will you be the largest fundraiser?

Make a Donation

Make a Donation
AED Moneybox 2.png

Heart of the Nation is a charity with a mission to raise awareness about CPR and the use of AEDs in the event of sudden cardiac arrest.


We aim to increase the accessibility of AEDs in communities, provide education and training to empower bystanders to become responders, and ultimately save lives.


We ask you to take action and donate to support these life-saving initiatives.


Your donation can make a significant difference in creating a safer and more prepared nation for dealing with sudden cardiac arrest.

The work we undertake includes:

  • A national register of AED locations;

  • Making AEDs more visible with bright, high-vis signage;

  • A smartphone app to show the location of AEDs and connect responders to cardiac arrest events;

  • CPR and AED Information and awareness sessions;

  • Government advocacy;

... and much, much more!

Let's ignite the Shocktober movement and empower a community of responders who can make a real difference!

Share this valuable information with your friends, family, and colleagues, because together, we possess the strength to raise awareness and save lives.

Join us in making Shocktober an unforgettable month and support Heart of the Nation.

Together, let's spread the message that anyone can be a lifesaver.

Join us today!

New Sunrise 

“Call Push and Shock – You Could Save A Life”. This October, New Sunrise are supporting Heart of the Nation in raising much needed awareness on CPR and the use of AEDs during cardiac emergencies. New Sunrise, Australia’s leading independent convenience retailer, is throwing their support being Heart of the Nation, a dedicated organization with a mission to raise awareness and accessibility of AEDs in communities. Together, they have partnered to raise much needed awareness and funds on this life saving initiative.

During the month of “Shock-tober,” New Sunrise and supplier partners have collaborated to raise funds, with 10c from participating products being donated to Heart of the Nation. With over 1100 stores across Australia, customers can show their support with the purchase of much-loved Australian brands from Sunrise locations.

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New Sunrise
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