Providing Safe Places for Customers to Shop.


When we are out and about shopping for our needs or our pleasure, we want to feel safe.  Knowing that we are shopping in a Heart of the Nation Shop Safe environment will let customers know that you care about them. To qualify, you must be a retail shop front or service provider, where members of the public come to conduct transactional purchases with your business.  To qualify you could be a department store, grocery store, hairdresser, clothes shop, butcher, phone retailer, or hardware store - just to name a few!

Australians visit the shops countless times a year, so the chances are that at some stage, someone will experience a Sudden Cardiac Arrest whilst out and about running errands or getting the groceries. If they do, a Member of the Heart of the Nation Shop-Safe Network will be prepared to help. 

By being a Heart of the Nation Shop-Safe Network Member your customers will know they are safe when they are conducting their business with you – whether you are a florist, hardware store, grocery store, fashion outlet, electronics store, or whatever type of physical, bricks and mortar business you carry on.

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