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Partnering for Lifesaving Impact

Trusted AED Solutions for Your Community 

At Heart of the Nation, we believe in fostering relationships with like-minded organisations that share our vision of making communities safer through the provision of life-saving tools and knowledge.


We do not engage in exclusive manufacturer agreements; instead, we collaborate with a range of suppliers committed to delivering high-quality Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) and accessories for our programs  that help us achieve our mission. 

How it Works

When you purchase an AED from Heart of the Nation, we educate you on how to select the most appropriate AED package for your needs and you can also choose the Partner you wish us to purchase your AED through, so we can support their work in this space.  

The choice is yours. This ensures that you receive a product that best meets your specific needs and preferences while supporting our broader mission. 

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Our Supply Partners

Aero Healthcare


For over 20 years, Aero Healthcare has been at the forefront of first aid supply, offering hospital-grade products, defibrillators, and workplace-compliant kits. They are dedicated to reducing preventable deaths through innovative, tailored solutions. Their digital learning resources enhance AED accessibility and boost confidence in handling cardiac emergencies. With a global reach and deep market insight, they deliver better user experiences and effective outcomes. Extensive R&D and manufacturing capabilities allow us to swiftly introduce compliant products. Partnering with wholesale distributors and resellers, they ensure exceptional service and collaborative marketing initiatives. Their vision is to be the global leader in first aid.

AEDs they supply for our programs: HeartSine and LifePak units by Stryker

New Sunrise

New Sunrise is a family-owned and operated Australian company that has operated in the petrol and convenience industries since 1998. As a nationwide buying and promotional group operating in every state and territory in Australia, they take pride in providing exceptional service and support to our valued members and the wider community.

They are the fastest-growing national independent convenience retailer in Australia, with over 1,100 member stores nationwide, with over 400 having AEDs in store. New Sunrise has been a Heart of the Nation supporter for over three years.

AEDs they supply for our programs: HeartSine units by Stryker

Defibrillators Australia

Defibrillators Australia is a family orientated team. Since 2014 they have specialised in providing life-saving defibrillator devices across Australia. With a focus on increasing public access to defibrillators, they offer a range of products suitable for various environments, coupled with comprehensive training to empower individuals and organisations in emergency response. Committed to enhancing cardiac safety nationwide, they ensure quality, reliability, and expert support in every aspect of our services.

AEDs they supply for our programs: HeartSine and LifePak units by Stryker, AED 3 and AED PLUS units by ZOLL.

AED Authority

AED Authority Australia is a leading company in the defibrillator industry and operates under the Diplomat Group umbrella and is part of the Diplomat Group. We have a long history of providing service, support, and safety, since 1972. As an Australian-owned company, our core mission is to improve survival rates for Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) in Australia by getting more businesses and individuals to invest in life saving defibrillators.


With a proven track record in helping organisations dedicated to responsible operations and creating heart-safe environments, AED Authority proudly partners with Heart of the Nation. 

AEDs they supply for our programs: HeartSine and LifePak units by Stryker, AED 3 and AED PLUS units by ZOLL, FRx and HS1 units by Philips.


Purchase with Us

By choosing to purchase your AED from Heart of the Nation, you are not only equipping yourself with essential life-saving equipment but also supporting others in our industry. Your support helps us to educate the public, improve access to AEDs, and ultimately save lives.

Why Purchase from Us?


1. The Not-for-Profit Advantage


Unlike commercial entities, our primary goal is not profit, but enhancing community response to sudden cardiac arrest. Any profits made from AED sales go directly back into our operations and life-saving initiatives such as our national AED register, our mobile app, and educational campaigns. This enables us to continuously improve and expand our services, ultimately benefiting the community.


2. Comprehensive Support Beyond-the-Purchase Service


Our support doesn’t stop when you receive your AED or after the warranty period. It begins right from the start. If you're unsure about which AED suits your needs, how many your building requires, or where to install it, we're here to assist you. From the moment you purchase your AED, we offer comprehensive support. This includes training on how to use the device, regular audits to ensure it's always in top condition, and maintenance reminders to keep it running smoothly. In the event of an emergency where your AED is used, we're here to support everyone involved. We not only get your AED back in an operational state, but our team has a range of resources to assist anyone affected, even if they just need someone to talk to who understands what they're going through. Through our lived experience of cardiac arrest, we can provide relevant and caring support.


3. Training Programs


We offer a range of training services for you to select from. Our qualified trainers deliver high quality training to ensure that you and your team are always prepared to respond in an emergency. While you don’t need to be certified in CPR and AED usage to help save a life, some find it helps build their confidence and be more prepared in case they ever find themselves in an emergency. Nationally recognised first aid training is delivered through Allens Training RTO 90909.


4. Building a Safer Community with Technology


There are several ways we're leveraging technology to build a safer community:

National AED Register: We are building a national register of AED locations, making it easier to locate the nearest AED in an emergency, anywhere in Australia.


Heart of the Nation App: Become the missing link in the Chain of Survival during a sudden cardiac arrest. With our app, you can call 000 and automatically alert registered responders plus find your 10 nearest AEDs within a 5 kilometre radius, ensuring quick access during critical moments.


Contribution to Cardiac Research: A portion of our resources goes towards supporting cardiac research initiatives aimed at better understanding cardiac arrest triggers, improving AED technology, and enhancing emergency response protocols. By assisting in research, we aim to develop innovative solutions that further improve cardiac arrest response and increase survival rates.


5. Advocacy for Legislative Change 


We actively engage with policymakers and advocacy groups to promote legislative changes around AED accessibility and signage standards. We advocate for policies that mandate AED placement in public spaces, schools, and workplaces, ensuring that these life-saving devices are readily available when needed most. It doesn’t stop there - we work towards standardising signage requirements to facilitate quick identification of AED locations during emergencies, potentially saving precious minutes in critical situations.

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