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Outdoor Wall Mounted Lightweight Plastic Cabinet

Lightweight polycarbonate wall cabinet.JPG
Having your AED 24/7 publicly accessible is a goal that ALL AED owners should aspire to.  These durable, lightweight, plastic outdoor cabinets will provide that result at a low cost!
  • Measurements - width 33cm, depth 19cm, height 41 cm
  • Weight - approx. 3kg
  • Comes with pre-printed theft deterrent regarding tracking device on AED
  • Fixes to the wall with 3 screws through the rear of the cabinet.
  • Lightweight plastic/polycarbonate material
  • Piezo siren sounds when door opened
  • Siren operates with 9 volt battery (provided) - should be replaced every 6 months (not supplied)
  • Position of cabinet should be in shade so as to protect the AED in hot times of the year.
  • Exposure to sunlight may result in discolouration of the cabinet over time.
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