Workplaces - Caring for Staff, Customers and the Public.


Because sudden cardiac arrest can happen anywhere, at any time, Heart of the Nation recognises those workplaces who have working, publicly available defibrillators on site. 


To qualify as a Heart of the Nation Workplace Member, you should be a business that employs people, but does not offer a retail space.  So, if you’re an office, factory, home-office, landscaper, fashion designer, graphic design house, or tech company (to name a few) you could qualify to become a Member of the Heart of the Nation Workplace Network – and we’d love to have you!

Being a Member of the Heart of the Nation Workplace Network, your employees, clients, customers and visiting contractors, will have peace of mind knowing that should should something happen to them or someone in their workplace, they will have a much better chance of survival.

By having the Heart of the Nation logo displayed on your workplace door, or an alternative prominent place in your business, it lets your employees, customers and the community know that you take their heart health seriously.

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