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Look for the Yellow!

Your AED needs to be visible, so

Request some of our high-vis yellow AED signage

297 X 210mm sign_smll heart copy.png
355 X 100mm AED arrow right copy.png
355 X 100mm AED arrow left copy.png
AED Images_HOTN2.heic
N17 Burger Co Port Douglas.jpeg
Heart of the Nation believes that an AED is not useful unless it is VISIBLE, ACCESSIBLE and ACTIONABLE.

Make sure that your AED can be seen easily, with bright yellow AED signs that easily distinguish it from a first aid sign, or other emergency signage.

Whilst there is an International Standard, and an Australian Standard for AED signs to be green and white as they fall under "Emergency Signage", there are no regulations or laws around what an AED sign MUST look like, so as a result, not all AED signs ARE green and white - meaning that there is no consistency for AED signage.

Heart of the Nation also believes that whenever AED signs ARE green and white, they are more easily lost in a sea of green and white emergency signage, making them harder to find when needed - particularly when they are placed on or above a white cabinet.  In these situations they can look similar to a first aid cabinet.

Our bright yellow signage means that your AED may stand out more easily and be noticed by more people on a regular, daily basis, meaning that there will be greater awareness about two things -
1.  What an AED is; and
2.  Where to get it when it is needed.

If you would like to trial our bright, yellow, high-vis signage, you must first be a member of the Heart of the Nation network, and then fill in the form below, and we will send it to you for free!
Yellow AED Signage.jpg
Request Yellow Signage
Signage Size Requested - we will send you 2 of each size requested

Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch.

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