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Up to 80% of cardiac arrests happen in the home, but when it does, where is your nearest AED?  Heart of the Nation Communities turns every neighbour into a potential lifesaver via the Heart of the Nation app, and rapid access to an AED in your street.

Watch this video to find out why we NEED Heart of the Nation Communities

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We are putting the skills and tools into the hands

of the community to help save more lives ! 

Approx 27,000 Aussies will suffer a Sudden cardiac arrest, each year 

Around 75 - 80% of cardiac arrest happen at home.

Defibrillation within the first few minutes increases the chance of survival to over 70%

Being qualified isn't a requirement for saving someone's life.
Did you know that anyone can attempt to save someone in cardiac arrest?

This means that every neighbor has the potential to become a lifesaver.
Why is an AED needed?


Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) have been shown to increase survival rates by up to 10 times

when used within the first 3 - 5 minutes

As 75-80% of Sudden Cardiac Arrests (SCAs) happen in residential locations, having a more rapid and easy-to-reach access to an AED device can significantly increase the chances of saving lives.

How far away is your nearest AED ?
It's crucial to have access to an AED at all times of the day or night. CPR alone may not be sufficient to revive someone experiencing cardiac arrest.

How is it done
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Heart of the Nation Communities aims to get 1 AED within 200m of all homes in the community AND get neighbours to respond to events when they occur via

our app.


Firstly, a person in the street community becomes an "AED Host", or a “Community Ambassador” to help raise funds and decide on the best location for the new community AED.


Each home within 200m of the AED puts in money

(approx. $75/home, across 40 homes for the base package - other models of AEDs can be purchased at other prices).

We will set you up with a fundraising page with a specific link for your community that you can share with your neighbours.  Once your fundraising target is hit, we will send you out your package to install!


Communal ownership is one of the MOST AFFORDABLE ways to own an AED PLUS it gives you rapid access to additional local responders!

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Become an AED House


If you like the idea of your street, neighbourhood or suburb becoming a Heart of the Nation Community AND you are prepared to host an AED on your property - either on your front porch, garage wall, front fence, or some other place on your property where others from your community can easily access it if needed - then sign up to become an AED Host.


You will be the liaison between Heart of the Nation and the community for the project - we will get in touch, and send you the materials you will need to promote the idea to others, so you can fundraise for the project if you don't have the funds gathered already.

Become a Community Ambassdor


If you like the idea of your street, neighbourhood or suburb becoming a Heart of the Nation Community but you're not in the best location to house the AED (eg. you live at the end of the street and are not central, or you just don't have anywhere on your property to house it!), then you can become a Community Ambassador and get the community on board for the project, and find others in the street or neighbourhood who may be able to host the AED on their property.


You will be the initial liaison with the community for the project, and we will get in touch, and send you the materials you will need to promote the idea to others, so you can find the right person to Host the AED, and then help get the funds together.



Share the Cost
Let's Get Started


Want to help your neighbourhood get on board?  Would you like to lead the fundraising effort and find a location for the AED, then become a Community Ambassador

Would you like to place an AED on your premises for the community to access, and organise the fundraising from your community ?

Become an AED Host

Need more information before deciding ?  Then fill in the form below, and we will send you more information 

Get More Info

Get more information

If you'd like more information about becoming a Heart of the Nation Community, please fill in the form and we will send you some more information right away!

Host / Ambassador
Become an AED Host or a Community Ambassador -
I'm ready to help spread the word, host an AED, start the fundraising within my community, or ALL THREE!

View the AED Host Terms and Conditions here.

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