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Heart of the Nation is grateful for the support of our partners.

By learning more about them and their services, you can help us continue
to provide valuable resources to our community.

Remember to show your appreciation by supporting the companies that support us.



Amy Gomes - Author

A Heartwarming Story about Australian Paramedics

This book is a brainchild of Critical Care Paramedic, Amy Gomes, who noticed the lack of content for kids about her profession.


Suitable for ages 2-6, the book features realistic yet age-appropriate illustrations that help reduce medical anxiety.


The book is accompanied by a filmed reading by Greg Page (Original Yellow Wiggle and Cardiac Arrest Survivor), an Auslan component by interpreter Mikey Webb, and $1 from every book sold goes to Heart of the Nation.

For every 1000 books sold,

an AED will be donated

Buying this book could literally help save a life!


Greg Page has a commercial contract with the author of this book, but receives no payments from Heart of the Nation in relation to any services provided. All donations from the sale of books go directly to support our work at Heart of the Nation.

Amy Gomes

New Sunrise 

New Sunrise

“Call Push and Shock – You Could Save A Life”. This October, New Sunrise are supporting Heart of the Nation in raising much needed awareness on CPR and the use of AEDs during cardiac emergencies. New Sunrise, Australia’s leading independent convenience retailer, is throwing their support being Heart of the Nation, a dedicated organization with a mission to raise awareness and accessibility of AEDs in communities. Together, they have partnered to raise much needed awareness and funds on this life saving initiative.

During the month of “Shock-tober,” New Sunrise and supplier partners have collaborated to raise funds, with 10c from participating products being donated to Heart of the Nation. With over 1100 stores across Australia, customers can show their support with the purchase of much-loved Australian brands from Sunrise locations.

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