CPR is a Skill That Everybody Should Have - You Don't Have to Be Qualified to Use It!



The Australian Resuscitation Council says that any attempt at resuscitation is better than none - which means that you do not have to be "qualified" or "certified" to use CPR to try to save someone's life. Whilst this MAY be true, and we do agree with this approach, we also advocate for people learning how to perform GOOD QUALITY CPR.  Good quality CPR can be the difference between someone surviving a cardiac arrest, and someone surviving with all their faculties about them, and minimal or no organ damage.

Because the blood flow to the organs is stopped during a cardiac arrest, it means that the possibility of brain damage is high. By performing GOOD QUALITY CPR during a cardiac arrest, you are not only potentially saving a person's life, but you are also increasing the chances of that person surviving with better overall physical and mental outcomes.

We advocate learning CPR from a qualified training organisation so that you are prepared to respond appropriately in the event of someone being in cardiac arrest .