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Source Information 

Below is a list of source references for statistics and information quoted by Heart of the Naiton

More than 25,000 SCA's in Australia Each Year

  • Haskins, B., Nehme, Z., Cameron, P. A., & Smith, K. (2021). Cardiac arrests in general practice clinics or witnessed by emergency medical services: a 20‐year retrospective study. Medical Journal of Australia, 215(5), 222-227

Survival Rates

  • NSW Ambulance Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest Register, 2020;

  • Ambulance Victoria Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest Report 2021

Up to 80% of SCA occur
at home

  • Paratz, E., Page, G. J., & Jennings, G. L. (2023). Defibrillator access across Australia: the first step in avoiding a chain of fatality. Med J Aust, 219, 146-148.

Survival decreases by
7-10% per minute

  • Stærk, M., Lauridsen, K. G., Krogh, K., & Løfgren, B. (2022). Distribution and use of automated external defibrillators and their effect on return of spontaneous circulation in Danish hospitals. Resuscitation Plus, 9, 100211; and Ibrahim, Wanis H (2007), Recent advances and controversies in adult cardiopulmonary resuscitation, Postgrad Medical Journal; 83:649–654. See:

If used within the first 3 minutes survival can be as high as 75%

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