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At Heart of the Nation, we're dedicated to transforming bystanders into responders and potential life-savers.

Since we began in 2020, we've emerged as a
leading authority on cardiac arrest knowledge, actively reducing sudden cardiac deaths across Australia.

Heart of the Nation Initiatives

Using an AED is simple – just turn it on and it tells you what to do. 

The AED is your team leader effectively directing you in what needs to be done step by step.

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Get involved, learn a new skill and have fun while raising money for Heart of the Nation at the same time your support makes a difference.

Have some fun and find AEDs in your community, register them on our app and you could win some great prizes.

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Every year on "Restart a Heart" day we hold the Worlds Largest CPR Class.  Check out the 2023 event and information here.


We now have more than 200 communities with 24/7 accessible AEDs – you could be one too!

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Our National Register of AEDs consists of over 8,000 locations nationwide. Have access to AED locations at your fingertips

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