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At Heart of the Nation, we're dedicated to transforming bystanders into responders and potential life-savers.

Since we began in 2020, we've emerged as a
leading authority on cardiac arrest knowledge, actively reducing sudden cardiac deaths across Australia.

Heart of the Nation Initiatives

Using an AED is simple – just turn it on and it tells you what to do. 

The AED is your team leader effectively directing you in what needs to be done step by step.

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Get involved, learn a new skill and have fun while raising money for Heart of the Nation at the same time your support makes a difference._

Have some fun and find AEDs in your community, register them on our app and you could win some great prizes.

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Every year on "Restart a Heart" day we hold the Worlds Largest CPR Class.  Check out the 2023 event and information here.


We now have more than 200 communities with 24/7 accessible AEDs – you could be one too!

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Our National Register of AEDs consists of over 7,500 locations nationwide. Have access to AED locations at your fingertips



We are not just about providing the community with practical solutions, but we engage with leading organisations and government to help effect change in important areas of this field.

At Heart of the Nation, we champion the importance of having a unified standard for signage that is not only highly visible but also easily identifiable, ensuring accessibility in critical moments. This is why we advocate for and recommend yellow signage. Our collection includes an array of yellow signage options, both wall-mounted and floor-mounted cabinets, distinctly designed to differentiate your AED from standard first aid equipment. Discover more in our store or reach out to us for additional information.

Collaborating with the National Heart Foundation and other leading organisations and engaging in high-level advocacy

Business Meeting
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Interacting with prominent health authorities at both federal and state levels, our focus includes discussing heart health, bystander and emergency response. We also emphasize current statistics to influence and drive policy change.

Providing a range of learning programs within educational institutions including development of the Kids Save Lives program in conjunction with the Australian Resuscitation Council, Ambulance Victoria, the Heart foundation and the Victorian Department of Education and Training.

Students and Teacher in Classroom


Our commitment to resuscitation extends beyond the front line of response, and includes various research projects and journal articles that help raise awareness about new ways of thinking in the cardiac arrest space.

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AEDs and Accessessories

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Heart of the Nation is your trusted source for AED expertise and support. We specialise in comprehensive AED solutions, encompassing the latest in AED technology. Discover top-tier AED models, cutting-edge technology, and tailored packages.

Whether you're looking to equip your community, enhance the safety protocols of your business, prepare your school's health response, manage your strata property's emergency preparedness, or simply ensure personal safety, we have the right options for you.

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Whether you have specific

first aid kit needs or require comprehensive maintenance audits and restocking services, we're here to assist.

Contact us to discuss your unique requirements and discover how we can support your first aid preparedness.

AEDs & Accessories.
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