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Congratulations on becoming a
Heart of the Nation Community!

Please confirm some details with us so we can provide the best-possible support for you.  You will not be able to submit your information until all required information is provided below:

Confirm your details here:

If your instructions say to select the name of your community AED, please type it below instead - we have now changed our method of registration.

Please confirm that you have installed the battery and pads correctly, and that your AED is indicating it is in operating mode:
Please confirm that you have the link for the educational videos, and you have/will share/d the link with those in the community that you wish to access the videos and that if future people join the program, they will be sent the link too:
The Heart of the Nation app is an integral part of your communities package. Have you, and will you in the future, request members of your community to download the app and sign up to become Registered Alerters and Responders to strengthen your Chain of Survival?

Part of the "System to Save Lives" is keeping your AED secure, and notifying nearby residents if it is moved from its location.  Please provide us with at least 1 mobile phone number (maximum 6), and up to 5 email addresses of people to send notifications to about the movement of your community AED.

Maintenance - What is the name of the person who will be responsible for maintaining the AED, simply so we can send reminders to them

Have you installed the cabinet in a suitable place as per the guidelines we sent you?
Have you notified the community about the location of the AED, particularly those who helped fund the AED?
Finally, have you placed the operational AED inside the cabinet?
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