The Heart of the Nation vision is simple -

but the mission is not, and any help we get is greatly appreciated.

Heart of the Nation's vision is to see an increase in survival from Sudden Cardiac Arrest - we believe that there are more than 7,000 lives that can be saved EVERY YEAR with greater access in the community to the life-saving skills and tools that form the Chain of Survival.  As such, the work we do aims to increase the community's awareness of, and access to these skills and resources.  Our present funding model is via private donations.  It should be noted that Greg Page does not take any form of salary or wage for any of his time contributed to the work he does with the charity. Nor do our Board Members.  So, you can be 100% satisfied that YOUR donation goes solely to the work done by the organisation in terms of achieving its mission, which includes programs and initiatives under the following mission statement: 

To empower Australians to use the skills and tools to save lives through:

• increasing the awareness and ability of all Australians to perform CPR
• increasing the availability of publicly accessible automated external defibrillators (AED’s) and the public’s ability to locate them and confidently use them;

• improving visibility of AED signage and cabinets
• delivery of evidence-based research
• passionately advocating to further the case for support from Government and community to garner support that will further our mission.


By delivering initiatives and programs that are in line with this mission statement, we are fulfilling our charitable purpose, which we believe will help to increase the survival rate from Sudden Cardiac Arrest.  With your help too, we can make this a reality.