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Empower your community to safeguard against sudden cardiac arrest with our 24/7 accessible Heart of the Nation Communities Package featuring a Lifepak CR2 Essential AED.


Designed to be placed on the outside of a building, your AED will be accessible at all hours of the day and night, as it has tracking technology fitted to help keep it secure, and to ensure you and your community have rapid access to the AED if the need ever arises.  But the package is also designed to connect your community to each other via the Heart of the Nation app, so that you can trigger an alert for someone else to bring the AED to you, while you stay and do CPR after calling 000.


This package includes:

  • 1 x Lifepak CR2
    Comes with a carry case and adult pads, designed for quick deployment in emergencies.
  • Tracking Technology with 8-Year Monitoring
    The AED is equipped with advanced tracking technology to help locate it on the Heart of the Nation app, help to keep it secure, and will also send notifications to nominated contacts when the AED is moved.
  • Floor Mount - Weatherproof Cabinet with Audible Alarm
    A sturdy, yellow floor-mounted cabinet that safely houses the AED and sounds an audible alarm when accessed.
  • Basic Prep Kit
    Essential items to assist in a cardiac arrest situation.
  • AED Signage - Triangle 3D Wall Sign and Flat Wall Sign
    Clearly mark the location of the AED for easy identification.
  • Integration with Heart of the Nation App
    Connect to your community, call 000, and notify nearby responders through our user-friendly app. The app also guides you to the nearest Heart of the Nation Network AED (within a 5km range) wherever you are in Australia.
  • Online CPR and AED Instruction
    Educational resources to train your community in how to CALL PUSH SHOCK - includes instruction on what is Sudden Cardiac Arrest, how to do CPR and how to use an AED.
  • Delivery Included
    We provide delivery to your location, included in the package.


The price is comprehensive of GST, offering you great value.


Equip your community with the Heart of the Nation Communities Package, and take a significant step towards creating a safer, more responsive environment for everyone.

LifePak CR2 - Floor Mount Package

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