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Join the movement toward a safer community - make your school a Heart of the Nation "Community AED Hub"

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When sudden cardiac arrest strikes, minutes matter - how far away is your nearest AED, and who is going to bring it to you?

Heart of the Nation helps connect your community to an AED as well as local responders who can bring your community AED to you.

Why do we need AEDs?

More than 26,000 Australians suffer a sudden cardiac arrest each year - and only 5% survive.  This means, for no apparent or obvious reason, their heart stops beating.  And when that happens, they need someone (you) to do something (CALL PUSH SHOCK) to help save their life - and don't worry, you don't have to be trained or qualified to do it!


What does an AED do?

When someone is not responding (you cannot wake them up) and not breathing normally, that is the time to CALL PUSH SHOCK.  Did you know that it is the shock delivered by the AED that has the greatest chance of resuscitating the patient - not CPR?
Using an AED is perfectly safe - it will deliver a shock to a patient to try to revert their heart rhythm.  It can only shock the patient if they need to be shocked.  And when done within the first 3-5 minutes after collapse, this can result in survival rates as high as 60-70%.  That is why having AEDs in your community is essential.

Be connected to the AED and the community too

Living in a Heart of the Nation Community isn't only about living close to an AED - it is also about building a strong network of Responders who can get the AED and bring it to you if you alert an incident via the Heart of the Nation app

This means that you can stay and do CPR whilst someone else gets the AED and brings it to you, giving you a greater chance of being able to CALL PUSH SHOCK within that precious 3-5 minute time window.

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Making sure your AED is always accessible

Some schools may already have an AED - but is it located on the outside of the school premises where it can be accessed by your local community at any time of the day or night?

Sudden cardiac arrest can strike anyone, anywhere, anytime.  If someone in your local community goes into cardiac arrest at any time of the day or night, as a Heart of the Nation Community AED Hub, your AED will always be accessible, because it will be mounted somewhere that it can be accessed, whilst tracking technology helps to keep it secure.

How do we achieve all of this?

Your school can fundraise for a Heart of the Nation Communities package to have an AED (fitted with tracking technology) stored in an outdoor, weather proof cabinet, as well as integration of the AED and the community as responders into the Heart of the Nation app.

Pricing for a package starts at only $2,728 and other models of AEDs can be substituted for different pricing options.

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Encourage your school families to fundraise for an AED in their street to help keep their neighbourhood protected against sudden cardiac arrest.  Just $70 per home across 40 homes in a neighbourhood is all it takes!

We will set up a fundraising page for each school, and for each street community so the link can be shared amongst the community and funds can be paid directly to the campaign.

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