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For schools!


Step 1

Pick a date between October 18th and November 19th for your school to participate.

Step 2

Sign up here, and create a TEAM PAGE - if you want to enter only as an entire school, skip to step 4!

Step 3

Classes can then create their own FUNDRAISING PAGE to contribute to the school's (or team's) total fundraising effort.

Share your school or class fundraising page with your community!

Step 6

Share your fundraising pages with family and friends - ask for donations to help the work that Heart of the Nation is doing.

Step 5

Download our resource pack to help you promote the event in school and via your social media channels (link to a page with resources such as social media tiles etc)

Step 4

Watch this video to help you understand how to run the event in-school (video to be shot and link here)

Step 7

Print out our CPR template here.  Have one per-pillow being used as part of the push-a-thon.

Step 8